Who thought that this journey will go that far? I mean, we we're young and had no idea how to lead a company. This is the story behind madebylynx, our skills and mindset and how we developed to become what we are right now: a high skilled and successful design & film agency.

How it all began

It was me who tried to convince Alex to start selling our creative skillset and earn some money besides school. But he always declined as he wanted to focus on his graduation. After he finished school he had no excuse anymore: In August 2017 we founded Lynxdesign in the age of 18&19. We had absolutely no clue how to write bills, do accounting and (spoiler alert: the most important thing) how to reach out to potential customers. I tried to acquire customers over job platforms like indeed which surprisingly worked somehow. We began to built up a portfolio, enhanced our skillset and started to focus on digital projects. We started to earn our first money, learned all the annoying stuff about accounting and celebrated our success.

After the first year Alex decided to start his study in Coburg, which is three hours away from me. Lynxdesign started to become a very important and loved part of my life and I was afraid of our future and what it means to our small company.

The transformation

We felt that Lynxdesign isn't professional enough. Besides that Manuel and I started to film for various local companies. We took this advantage to transform Lynxdesign to madebylynx and invited Manuel to join us. Even though Alex lives farer away we managed to work together via online conferences. We began to split our responsibilities so everybody had his own expertise to develop in. From that on we constantly got better in what we did, got more and more projects and raised our value on the market. We realized that customers often dont't really know what they really need. Since today we feel that our most important work is to question our customers ideas and dig deeper to point out their real problem. Most of the time a new website or an ad won't solve it. This aspect influences us and our understanding as designers a lot. We recognized the importance of workshops and design thinking. Madebylynx will never just do what our customers tell us to do. We're getting hired to creatively solve problems.


And here we are. 2021. It's four years ago when it all started. We had our up's and down's, learned a lot and - most importantly - developed a deeper understanding on what it means to be a designer or filmmaker. We managed it to make a living out of what we love so much on scratch. We're constantly growing, accepting more and more projects and learn new things every single day. This is not the end of our story for sure!

A personal advice

Just do it if you think about it. What do you have to lose? You will learn so much during you're journey just as we did. Even if it won't work out this experience values so much. Since today we have a book full of stories to tell what came along our way.