this is us

Alex and Lucas founded the creative agency LynxDesign in August 2017 in order to provide professional design artwork within the digital world. We wanted to create creative solutions through the eyes of digital natives who live and breathe the environment they work in. In 2019, Manuel joined us and expanded the agency with his skills in film & photography. Since then we decided to move on successfully as madebylynx until now. We still focus the digital world and work closely together.


Manuel Hagen

Don’t mention that he stole the glasses from Lucas just for the photo. Manuel is a multitalent but he focuses on everything that deals with cameras. He’s really interested in producing music and everything about events and PA.

Lucas Huebner

Lucas is our design freak. Everything needs to be clear and thought-out. He’s our digital expert and loves everything that deals with interfaces, screens and interactions. Oh, and he is a passionate roadbiker – it’s all about the speed!

Alexander Selg

Alex “perfectionism” Selg is the brand master. He’s the creative mind behind all the inventive identities. In his (rare) leisure he plays volleyball and does freerunning. And yes, he can do a backflip.