We’re the creatives you need want

madebylynx is a design collective out of dedicated creatives who love it to produce cool stuff. Powered by passion and perfectionism we wanna rock every single project. Whether it’s a cinematic trailer, a color-popping mobile app or the next fashion brand, we enjoy every single part of bringing visions to life.

Dynamic, young

Let’s get a bit more private: We love extreme sports and pushing limits. That’s why so many sportive brands work together with us. We deliver outstanding work by living and breathing the environment of our clients.

What we do



An identity is not just a logo. It’s the personality and how a brand communicates with customers. We explore a wide range of options and work closely with our client to create the most value possible.



madebylynx is young. Really young. We grew up in a more and more digital world and that’s where we feel at home. We are the natives of the digital world.



There’s nothing better than a razor-sharp photo or a stunning short clip. Whether it’s a cinematic ad or just a drone-shot of your company – we’d love to frame & shoot it.



This is classic but always necessary. Mostly used for advertising in real life or social media. And sometimes we’re working with given corporate guidelines.


Manuel Hagen

Don’t mention that he stole the glasses from Lucas just for the photo. Manuel is a multitalent but he focuses on everything that deals with cameras. He’s really interested in producing music and everything about events and PA.

Lucas Huebner

Lucas is our design freak. Everything needs to be clear and thought-out. He’s our digital expert and loves everything that deals with interfaces, screens and interactions. Oh, and he is a passionate roadbiker – it’s all about the speed!

Alexander Selg

Alex „perfectionism“ Selg is the brand master. He’s the creative mind behind all the inventive identities. In his (rare) leisure he plays volleyball and does freerunning. And yes, he can do a backflip.